A 5 month Deep Dive to Initiate you into Your Soul's Path of the Priestess  ♡

press play for initiation <3
Beloved Sister, Womb Blood Alchemy ... is an Initiation.
It is an initiation into your Soul's Path ... through ways of Activation + Embodying the Priestess.
By Allowing the Goddess to be birthed from you and for that to be shared with your community.
This program is so much more than the amazing rituals, ceremony's + the practices ... 

it's about learning to Hold the Space Beloved.

So, I ask you, can YOU be the Space Holder for yourself ? For your shadow? For other's shadow?

Are you willing to show up completely to try? 

Womb Blood Alchemy is an Initiation to the Path of the Priestess Though our natural cycles of our Womb blood, Holding Space for our Shadow, Claiming our Sexuality and Birthing the Divine through us! 

Each Moon, we will hold space for each other and ourselves to become vessels of the Divine + of the Priestess. We will go deeper and deeper into this path as we embody our wombs, we breathe in our shadows, we re-claim our pleasure and let the Goddess speak through us. 


It's time to remember who we are, its time to remember why we are here!


Womb Blood Alchemy will give you your Soul's permission to elevate consciousness, to STEP IN and SHOW UP the way that you were meant to... and if you're reading this, you know that you are here to do some amazing and powerful work.

Never before, have we had our voices and the SAFE space to show up as we are.... As the healers, the light workers, the seers, as the sha-woman... 


... as the priestess ... 


The time is now to step into our power + resurrect the Divine Feminine within.

Can we hold this space together sister? 


This journey is so much more than the blood rituals .. Although womb embodiment is an important part of this journey together ... what is important here... is that you know that this is your true path, and the space in which we are held in, and that we can hold for our sisters ... is what will set the entire planet free!

Along my journey, going deep into my womb blood + doing the blood rituals have indeed catapulted me into the path that I am now on, and we will be having so much fun with remembering the magic of our womb blood ... but there is an underlying energy and Presence required to walk this path.


It is the ability to hold the space.

It is the ability to be Present.


SO I ask you dear sister... 


Are you ready to SHOW UP as your true self through ways of deep womb embodiment and shadow work?

Are you willing to deeply listen to The Goddess herself and birth what she'd like to you to birth - no questions asked ?

How would you truly  like to show up in this world?

What is the Priestess within you, asking you to be present with? 


can you hold the space? 


& Are You ready to have fun while doing this deep work together ?! :) 


This journey is for all women, of all sacred journeys + cycles who are ready to walk the path of the Priestess, who feel the call to come to this temple and sit with what's being birthed right now here.... You're here reading and sitting with this because there was a resonance... a calling within you of deep remembrance, that you felt would deeply serve you, and this planet. 


Sister, Listen to this call... Because it is your heart speaking to you.
Are you ready to be Initiated into your Soul's True Path?

Womb Blood alchemy will shift your life in ways of deep service to yourself and this planet... by embodying the Priestess within.


What's Included

Each Dark Moon, we will gather in Sacred Sisterhood to activate and embody the focal points of our journey together. You will be sent a "Scroll" with  Rituals, Blood magic + Ceremony's  that'll be sent right to you after our private Red Tent gatherings.

Within the Moon-ly Scrolls, you'll also have 3 guided meditations to go even deeper with, and a link to book your 1:1 session with me.  All 1:1 sessions are held via phone call or Skype, all sessions are designed for you to be met where YOU are at in your life... And if in between our sessions, you'd like to share or ask for help, you have a safe space to do so in the Womb Blood Alchemy Facebook Community, that you'll be added to by me once we are all signed up!.

  • Private Virtual Red Tent Gatherings to re-activate remembrance within our wombs and being, with online group coaching + readings ♡

  • 1 "Virtual Scroll" per Moon of Rituals, Ceremony's, Blood Magic + More, that will allow us to walk Our Priestess Path. ♡

  • 1 Hour 1:1 Womb Coaching every Dark Moon ♡

  • 3 Guided Meditations to deepen us into the Moon's Scroll ( which are : Activation, illumination, Transmuting Womb Trauma, Tanta -  Sacred Pleasure + Embodying the Goddess ) ♡

  • 1 Moon + 1 Lotus Box of womb-made products + creations sent right to your feet ... to adorn us, nourish us + sustain our remembrance during + after our journey together. ** You will receive the recipes for all products + gifts so you can go ahead and make your own :) ♡ 

  • Bonus Gifts of a 45 minute session anytime, my e-Book: How to Transmute Sexual Shame + Trauma w/ Your Moon Time + 3 Charts to begin tracking your Moon. This is available if you decide to sign up before Friday August 18th @11:59pm EST, 2017 - The doors for this journey close on Thursday August 24th @11;59pm EST ♡ 


by the end of our Journey ... 

You will be walking the path you were always meant to walk... The path of the Priestess, the Space Holder. With a new and resurrected way of being and living, Womb Blood Alchemy will leave you feeling and being in your purpose as a woman. Loving and breathing in all aspects of yourself, and having ceremony's , rituals, blood magic, meditations + teachings that you will have forever.


All that is taught and shared with you, is designed for you to share with the world in your own sacred way! 


You will be EMPOWERED, ADORNED, WITNESSED, CHALLENGED + LOVED... Womb Blood Alchemy will be the Initiation to ALL PARTS OF YOURSELF <3


Can you be Present enough to call in your shadow? Can you be present enough to sit with another shadow?

By the end of Womb Blood Alchemy - You will be able to "be" that.

You will be the Space in which all things are held.

... Are you ready to step in, Beloved ?

Each Moon + the Scrolls

Press Play + Learn all about the Sacred Scrolls! 

Each Moon + Scroll, will give you the space to go deeper into what the Moon's focal point is while being present and allowing the Priestess within you, to be birthed... and to be taught.. Please watch the video to understand and feel the energy of each Moon + Scroll!  

Each Scroll will also have 3 guided meditations + a Mantra to deepen into the specific moon's focus to rebirth our Priestess path + dreams in form.


Scroll I : Activation

All that we need to do, be and sit with, we will be doing that and sitting with that during the first moon. Everything that is needed and required for you to birth and activate...  to know who we are , what we are and what it takes to walk the path of the Priestess, will be shared with you in Scroll I.  Activation is the act of Remembering and we will be remembering deeply who we are. You will be initiated through our natural ways of the womb:  through womb blood rituals + holding the space within that.

Scroll II : Illumination

We are going to be shining so much sacred, and womb light, onto our shadow ... and onto the shadow of the planet.. How is loving our shadow apart of the Priestess Path?  When we begin to call in and sit with our shadow, when we begin to hold the space for our shadow ... which is the act of transmutation.. Transmutation through the act of LOVING all that we are... Is when we can begin to hold the space for others.

Scroll III : Transmuting Womb Trauma 

Everything is birthed from our wombs... every word that say, everything that we do, everything that we are, everything that we want to do, anything that we want to create...Comes from the womb. From our pure wombs. Now, myself included, we have been shamed, traumatized, killed, raped. We have been shamed for being sexual beings. We've come into this world and labelled the original sin. And how do you feel about that, truly sister?  Do you feel the pain and anger in your bones of the conditioning around us being women? - Well, we will be transmuting all of that! And your certain beliefs regarding your self and your own womb -  if you yourself have experienced rape or sexual abuse, abortion or any type of womb trauma - will be diving deep within that, and holding space for ourselves and each other... Saying YES to it, Loving it, and Transmuting it. 

Scroll IV : Tantra & Sacred Pleasure

We will be deepening into our sexuality + our sacred pleasure... really being able to sink into our sexuality through the way of Breath + Presence. And becoming that vessel of the Divine Goddess... becoming that vessel of the Priestess and really transmuting our pain that we have to our pleasure. We will be really deepening into the act of masturbation , and the act of sex itself within our own bodies and sharing and sitting with our experiences with sex. When we choose pleasure over pain, when we choose womb truth ... and hold the pain as sacred within ourselves... it will get transmuted. 

Scroll V : Embodying the Womb

In our last month together, we will be completely embodying the Goddess, everything that we learned will be diving deep within ourselves again as a re-cap, really sitting with the act of listening to The Goddess + to The Priestess within us. We are going to be really using our Sacred Masculine energy to birth that out into the planet. So all that you have learned, you have the right to share that with your sisters + with the planet. In our final month together, we will sit and create with the womb inspired ideas that you'd like to birth, so you can activate remembrance within your community! Whether that be holding women circles...  to you, this could be simply writing a blog... maybe you'd simply like to keep this journey inclusive. How ever you feel called to share + embody this wisdom is absolutely perfect. And we will do this TOGETHER.

Lotus + Moon Boxes of Adornment

Your first remembrance box will be sent to you after our first Private Virtual Red Tent sometime after August 20th.

Red Moon Anointing Oil - Womb-made Herbal Tea's -  Svadhisthana Activating Perfume - Moon Priestess Lip Balm- Yoni Steaming Herb Pack - White Moon Body Scrub

all adornment gifts are made with womb Prayer + with moonstone or Carnelian infused water, if the recipe calls for it!  

All sacred gifts sent to you, allow you to deepen into your womb during your entire cycle. And will allow you to feel like the Goddess you are !  <3

Click here to Learn more about your First Box of adornment!


Bonus Gifts

  • e  - Book : How to Transmute Sexual Shame & Trauma with your Moon Time
  • Free 45 Minute session anytime after our 5 months together
  • 3 Charts to Track your Divine Flow

You will receive these 3 Bonus Gifts if you register no later then friday August 18th, 2017 @ 11:59pm EST. - Doors close on Thursday August 24th, 2017


This heart + womb contribution is 5 payments of $222US. First payment is at sign up. Re-occuring Payments will be on the day that you signed up ( i.e. if you signed up on the 16th, then you will be charged on the 16th for the next 4 months)

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If you know that Womb Blood Alchemy is for you, I bow to you for saying yes, and so excited to begin this journey! Welcome Beloved ! ! <3


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I love you sister! <3

with womb - wisdom + Love,

Sarah ♡

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