Full moon medicine:

In Pisces


Beloved sister, I am so honoured to be sharing with you, what it is I've tuned into for this Full Moon in Pisces.

As you know, every New Moon, I hold space in a Live Red Tent Ceremony in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Temple of FB, where we come together to resurrect our own womb's wisdom, to witness each other, and to set Sacred Intentions for an upcoming and new cycle. 

Full Moon's are a potent time of Illumination and Manifestation... a very important and sacred part of our process here every cycle. So I tuned in, and have decided that every Full Moon, I will offer you transmissions + downloads on how we together, can tune in and really integrate the medicine that this specific moon has to offer us. 

I'm so excited ! .. and I welcome you into to another extension portal to our beloved Divine Goddess Sisterhood temple.


As I tuned in to the medicine that this moon has to offer us, I felt a sense of calmness at first; a Calm + Cool Energy...

Full Moon in Pisces Transmission : 

Calm + Cool of the fish and the creatures of the Sea who allow the tide and movements of the water to take them...

Who do not fight against the current, as they know they are exactly where they are meant to be in the Sea of Wonders. 

Can the Pisces within you, see and know of the giant ocean that nurtures... that the depths of her... is the very depths of your own being ?

 When you look far and wide and see the ocean as a reflection of your own heart.  

You are deep, naturally deep. You can swim.. You can float and play with the water; Your heart.

You can reside at the bottom of the ocean, and witness the sky at the same time

You can get to know all  parts of the Ocean, if you are willing to look and sit.

If you are ready to BE the Truth of Oneness..

Tuning in to this energy of the Pisces, I also felt the need to "DO"... As we walk the path of the Priestess, anyting that we "do", so any external choice or action that we make... must come from that place of enough-ness and Presence already deeply inside of us...

"First we sit... then we do.. in sacred harmony of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine in Balance."

- So as I felt this extroverted energy.. the fact that the Sun is in Virgo, which is a "do-er" sign, which is a sign on analytics and of examination... right now, we will feel the pull between that energy of "going to get" and then that subtle calmness of the Pisces which is what our beloved Full Moon will be in on September 06, 2017 @ 03:02am EST.

Pisces, is one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac and in astrology... We all have wonderful gifts, but the Pisces has that natural ability to literally slow down and "stop" into stillness and tap into the unseen energies. 

Because of this pull.. BALANCE between Self Nurture, TRUST and what your heart wants... to what your expectations are, to that "wanting to control"...  is time now to consciously and lovingly shine light upon it, and choose what you know is BEST for you. Not Best for anyone else... not what would make you look good or successful.. But what will truly make you happy and fulfilled as a human... which always comes down to Connection.

Connection = Love... to Self.

Full Surrender, is being asked of us at this time beloved. With the power of the Eclipse in Leo that beckoned us to SHINE BRIGHT, is it now time to rest the mind + body.

What is the Shadow of this Full Moon? 

The shadow side of Pisces, is to look at ourselves as victims and of being too sensitive. Pisces forget how powerful they are, they forget that they too, can transmute everything with Presence, as much as they are sensitive and "feel" it all.. Should be something that actually inspires them, and us at this time.

NO more excuses beloved, as to why we can't feel and do what our heart's yearn. 

In other words... the ILLUSION of anything outside of ourselves... of anything that tells us that "I need to do this" or " I need to do that to be loved and successful"... and even "I can't be my true self because I am too sensitive and they won't like me" , is a belief that most of us need to really let go of with love. I am with you :) 

You can do it beloved, why else would you be here?

What should we ask ourselves during this Full Moon?

  • How can my Presence and Surrendering, deeply serve me more in my life?
  • How have I been trying to control everything + everyone?  
  • Have I been ignoring my heart, and maybe even judging myself and others?
  • How can I more deeply listen to my heart ? 
  • What can I do and tune into to help me better understand my Soul's Purpose?
  • How am I creating stories of being the victim?
  • What feels right in my heart to transmute those stories, and bring it back to Uncontional Love? 



Full Moon in Pisces Bath Ritual :


What better way to tune into our inner psychic Pisces energy, with a sacred bath ritual.

Water, is another way to actually neutralize the body and energy field... that is why it's so powerful to manifest in the bathtub as your energy of the focused intention, and that of the water create a powerful portal of desires and creation. 

Water, is the element of emotion and of the subsconcious mind. 

To begin beloved,

 ☽ DRAW YOUR BATH with Presence and Love ... Create your intention in your heart of tuning into the Full Moon and your own Inner Full Moon (your womb + heart).. Allowing this energy to BE you and illuminate you while preparing for this Bath Ritual.

 ☽ ADD YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS + place what you feel called to have around you when you have your bath; Moon Stones, A sea shell, a lit candle. Himalayan or Epsom salt. Essential oils of : Rose + Ylang Ylang - for anger and for womb resurrection. You can learn a bit more of what essential oils to use depending on your energy and how you feel here.

 ☽ BE PRESENT as you enter the bath, feel the sensation of the water touch your skin, and imagine that this water is PURE postive energy... that you are submerging yourself inch by inch into your sacred bath until you are laying comfortably. 

 ☽ ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE MORE CONSCIOUS OF THE BREATH, seeing your chest rise, and allowing your body to feel supported by the water, as you sink deeper into the bath. 

☽ CALL IN your Higher-self, Angels + which ever beings you'd like to connect more deeply with, and allow yourself to FEEL their presence. Feel how much they want to be there with you.

 ☽ CLOSE YOUR EYES, and connect more deeply with the breath, and imagine that a beautiful Indigo Blue Ball of light is above your head, that your Star Gate Portal is of a powerful and illuminated Indigo Blue Moon... Imagine that the Full Moon has come down and shrunk to fit above your head, and is now floating above your head. 

 ☽ SEE THIS LIGHT + MINI MOON BEGIN TO RELEASE DROPS of Indigo Blue liquid on top of your head, making its way down your entire body... taking it's time while you allow this liquid light to get into every nook and cranny of your being.

 ☽ ALLOW THE LAST INCHES of your being to fill up with this glowing Indigo Blue Light.. and breathe... Breathe Beloved. Sink Deeper.

 ☽ PULL THE INDIGO FULL MOON down into your being now, and watch it disappear into your crown chakra, becoming One with you.

 ☽ SPREAD THIS BEAUTIFUL INDIGO BLUE LIQUID LIGHT into the water now... completely becoming One with this water as it glows.

 ☽ STAYING PRESENT and breathing with the Energy of this sacred Bath, You are Now connected. Sinking Deeper and deeper into your own essence of CONNECTION to your own Inner Full Moon.

Some Overal Planetary "Stuff" :

  • Sun in Virgo till September 22 
  • Mercury, the planet of communication is in Leo till September 09
  • Venus, the planet of relationships and romance is in Leo till September 19
  • Mars, the planet of extroverted desired action, is in Virgo till October 22

... Beloved, what do you feel when you read those out loud?

From your own lensing , and depending on your own chart, what do these planetary alignments mean to you? 

Share with us in the Divine Goddess Moon Temple <3

I'm deeply honoured to share my hearts truth, and to help you on your own sacred journey.

May we walk this path together in Sacred Sisterhood, always.

If you have not yet joined us in Sacred sisterhood, and yearn for a deeper connection to your Soul's true path... I welcome you. If you'd like to receive Full Moon Medicine every Full Moon... Please enter your name + email to receive this offering, and to enter our Sacred Temple and share what is real for you at this time beloved...

What are you illuminating this Full Moon in Pisces ?

Welcome to the Temple Gardens of the Divine Goddess Sisterhood ... as we share with you our temples FULL MOON MEDICINE<3

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