My Journey

© Sarah Tynes / September 2016

© Sarah Tynes / September 2016

Hello Beautiful Soul<3<3

Welcome to this sacred space, you are SO SO welcomed and loved here. 

So, I am not going to keep you too long... maybe you're the type of person who likes to read personal biographies ... I'm not one of them really, so I will keep this nice and short for you.

Hi! I'm Sarah Nicole, and like every single old soul here... we've all had to go through some type of re-birth, and painful experience to really see and feel the first ever sacred intention to come here to planet Earth.

On my early journey I felt so unworthy and so abandoned by my parents and from my peers, I would seek attention and love in the most unhealthy and dangerous ways. I then begin prostituing my self at the age of 15, had 3 pimps in that process... and at 17 I got myself into the strip club and started dancing. Drinking became a huge health issue... drinking turned to drugs and I attracted rape twice within that. I was already suicidal, so I tried to take my own life multiple times after that had happened.... Even to this day, I still suffer from suicidal thoughts, but I've found ways to really accept and love myself more deeply during that time.

Someone close to me passed to the other side in January 2016 .... and at that time was still drinking excessively .... but this certain persons passing was really painful... and it opened the doors to the other side and the Angelic Realm. 

I quit dancing back in May 2016 and have been sober for a year now, as the last time I got really fucked up was in June 2016. And after that... I chose to stop and really pursue my Angels. 

I started meditating every day, doing yoga, reading, diving deep into energy and angel work... I wanted my life to be peaceful , and purposeful ... and the Angels and my loved ones always have my back.

I always want to go deeper and deeper into myself ... for that its for the benefit of my consciousness, and that of the Planets.

My experainces of pain, shame + womb trauma, has led me to do the sacred and powerful work I do now. 

Womb Priestess, Energy Healer + Angel Intuitive ... I am honoured to call myself those titles;  the work i do here on this planet has much value and by this sacred work I do,  I respect and honour Mama Gaia... the Ultimate Space Holder. 

There is so much more that I could share, and wanted to keep this brief, and if you're reading this, I hope we work together soon! Keep exploring this sacred space :)

Thank you so much witnessing me,

I love you,

Sarah Nicole

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and love helping people... To read some loving testimonials please click here:


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